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Deer Nuggets

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$12.95 per unit

Chew Love Deer Nuggets. Dehydrated. Single Ingredient

Deer or  Venison is one of the most nutritious choices that you can treat your pooch.  Chew Love Deer Nuggets is packed with nutrients that support the health and well-being of your dog. Deer meat contains a high amount of B vitamins, giving your dog the energy they need. Dog food with venison also provides the perfect amount of zinc and iron to support a healthy immune system and organ function. If your dog has never had a dog treat with deer meat, they are in for a tasty and healthy treat! A very lean alternative treat that is also perfect for dogs with food allergies.

All-natural ingredients
Locally sourced ingredients
No additives/preservatives
High in protein

•    Make sure you give your dog treats in between meals not just before or after meals.
•    Use our treats to reinforce a calm, submissive state. A great tool for positive reinforcement of the behaviors you want to achieve.
•    Avoid giving the dog treats to an excited, over-stimulated state of mind dog.
•    If you are using treats as a training tool, your treat won’t work as well right after your dog has had a full meal
•    Our treats are a form of affections. Make sure exercise, discipline comes first and then affections
•    Dogs are like human too, so make sure you read the dog treats ingredient(s) if they are allergic to anything
•    Always monitor your dog when it’s their first time to try our dog treats, make sure your dog is chewing properly. Always have fresh drinking water nearby.
•    Like most things, moderation is key. These irresistible treats are not meant to replace your dog's daily food diet

•     Tightly reseal the package and refrigerate after opening. Make sure your hands are clean when handling treats.
•     Once the package is open, it can last up to 2 weeks when refrigerated. Freeze it and it will last up to 6 months
•    Our Best By or Best Before Date is referred to only when the original package seal is still intact

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