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Best Dog Calming Treats for SleepĀ 

Dog Calming Treats for Sleep Canada

We recently provided a helping hand to dog companions searching for the best treats for canines with low energy. Today, we're going to focus on the opposite. Some of you wish your fun-loving friend would take it down a notch as nighttime approaches. While a great day of exercise usually does the trick, that doesn't always cut it for especially rambunctious pups. Once again, we look towards Mother Nature's bounty for a solution, as it has always been intended. Can dog treats make a difference when it comes to helping your dog wind down for the day so that you BOTH get a good night's snooze? When you look at the science, it certainly seems so. Let's review!


Recommended Treats for Dogs That Can Help Calm Them Down for a Good Night's Rest


Chew Love Turkey Jerky

Turkey Jerky - Dog Calming Treats for Sleep

You're familiar with the impact that Thanksgiving dinner can have on your ability to stay awake on the sofa. Many football game fourth-quarters and movie endings have been missed due to turkey's famous (or infamous) amino acid, tryptophan. Numerous studies have shown that increasing tryptophan in a canine's diet can improve sleep by increasing melatonin. The hormone melatonin may not be a sleeping agent, but as its levels rise in the evening, it puts your furry companion into a state of quiet wakefulness that helps promote sleep. Seeing as Chew Love's Turkey Jerky is a single ingredient treat, you get the highest concentration of tryptophan and a subsequent boost of melatonin. Reward them for a day well spent with Turkey Jerky, and they (and you!) will have sweet dreams accordingly.


Chew Love Kabocha Squash Mix Bits

Kabocha Squash Mix Bits - Dog Calming Treats for Sleep by Chew Love

Kabocha Squash (also known as the Japanese pumpkin) is a vegetarian source of the same sleep-promoting amino acid tryptophan. Unlike most other vegetables that contain tryptophan, Kabocha Squash packs a lot per serving. This squash is also very high in Vitamin C. Data has shown that increased consumption of the antioxidant can potentially help increase sleep duration and reduce sleep disturbances - the latter of which is excellent for dogs who wake with the slightest kick of the covers (assuming that they're curled up with you). Give your dog Kabocha Squash Mix Bits a couple of hours before nap time.


Chew Love Salmon & Veggies Nuggets

Salmon Veggie Nuggets - Dog Calming Treats for Sleep

The American Kennel Club and many other canine-centric organizations across North America (Canada included) sing the praises of fish oil. It supports canine heart health, promotes a silky coat, reduces itchy and flaky skin, can help relieve allergies and joint pain, and can even help strengthen their immune system. It's the essential fatty acid omega-3 EPA DHA to thank for these benefits and more. Included in the "more" is improved sleep. A major study reported in the Vancouver Sun found that 87 percent of dogs receiving omega-3 (from fish oil) in their diet showed reduced cortisol responses and a lowered heart rate, which reduced anxiety. A less anxious canine is one who enjoys a good sleep. Provide your dog with peace of mind (and body) by choosing dog treats with the correct omega-3. Chew Love's Salmon & Veggies Nuggets deliver premium quality all-natural omega-3 from fish oil.


Chew Love Deer Mix Stix

Deer Mix Stix - Dog Treats for Sleep

They're a crucial ingredient in Chew Love's Deer Mix Stix that has received tons of press over the last couple of years. It's not deer meat (although deer meat is jam-packed with nutrients) but turmeric powder. Turmeric assists in digestion and has calming properties, leading to sounder sleep. The caveat is timing. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been shown to increase dopamine levels in mice and may have antidepressant effects. This can lead to a temporary boost in mood and, therefore, energy, so be sure to feed this reward to your dog in the AM and early afternoon. That is why turmeric is better known as a sleep regulator versus a sleep promoter. That said, sleep regulation is essential and will mitigate your dog's desire to nap too late in the afternoon, which can make them stay up too late (for your tastes) at night. Add Deer Mix Stix to help regulate your pup's sleeping pattern to be more in tune with the rest of your household. 

Ready to reward your furry family member with dog calming treats for sleep? Buy online and have their all-natural goodies shipped anywhere across Canada. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime.


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