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Best Dog Treats for Energy

Dog Treats for Energy Canada

Is your dog a little low on energy, even though your vet has cleared them from underlying health issues? Then there's a good chance that the culprit is nutrition. They may (or may not) get their daily recommended vitamins and minerals in their meals, but adding energy-boosting nutrients to their treats is also a great way to rev their engines. Below is a breakdown of why you should choose Chew Love Dog Treats to enhance your pup's energy levels and recommend products to add to your cart.


Why Canadians Turn to All-Natural Chew Love Dog Treats to Enhance Their Dogs' Energy Levels (and which products to choose)


Absence of a Negative Brings Positive Energy

Again, adding nutrient-rich dog treats to your pup's dietary regime is a great way to bring back their vigour. However, most dog treats that you come across at your local grocer don't cut in the nutrient department. Most include several additives and preservatives (chemicals) that zap their energy levels. For instance, research shows that inorganic phosphate (an additive and preservative found in both human and dog food) is responsible for making one feel tired. Studies find that feeding inorganic phosphate to dogs creates disturbances in Ca and P metabolism, in contrast to organic sources. This may be directly responsible for your dog's currently low energy levels. You can spend hours inspecting labels to see if there is inorganic phosphate (and other harmful additives) in the treats that line your grocer's shelves, or you can go right to Canada's top all-natural source of dog treats, Chew Love. Our dog treats are 100% natural, using local and sustainably sourced foods in our single and multi-ingredient treats. View more on why you should only feed your dog all-natural treats.


Harness the Energy-Enhancing Power of Omega-3

Dog Treats for Energy - Salmon Veggie Nuggets by Chew Love Dog Treats

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your dog's optimal health and are a proven energy source that helps keep your dog's heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system working the way they should. While omega-3 is evident in our bison and duck products, one of the best sources of energy-boosting omega-3 is fish oil, namely salmon. This fact makes Chew Love's Salmon & Veggie Nuggets an essential addition to your dog's diet.


Vitamin B to Boost Energy Too

Dog Treats for Energy Canada - Beef Liver Jerky by Chew Love

While all B-Vitamins are connected to energy levels somehow, Vitamin B12 and B6 are the most proven for boosting energy. This makes our Bison Nuggets quite popular, as bison meat contains significant amounts of B6 and B12. We also highly recommend our Beef Liver Jerky when it comes to B12. Large amounts of B12 are stored in cow livers, which are transferred over in our all-natural beef liver-based treats. If your dog doesn't have a taste for red meat, or you want to offer them more variety, then you can't go wrong with our chicken breast-based products. In just 100g of natural chicken breast, your dog will get 54% of its Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin B6. Chicken breast ranks second only to salmon (amongst common foods) in that capacity. Feeding your dog our single-ingredient pure chicken breast Chicken Jerky is one of the best ways to get energy-boosting B6 into your dog's diet. Of course, seeing as salmon ranks ever higher than chicken in B6 delivery, we once again (as detailed in the omega-3 section) know the importance of adding Salmon & Veggie Nuggets to your order. 


Considering everything above, you'll find no "catch-all" dietary solution. By combining the recommended dog treats for energy above, you will be able to supplement your dog's diet with all of the critical nutrients that support energy levels. Doing so will also provide the variety they need to maintain interest in their culinary rewards.


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