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What is the best way to contact Customer service?

The best way to contact us is to fill out the contact form provide when you click on Contact or email directly info@chewlovedogtreats.com. If it's a shipping or exchange-related inquiry please make sure you provide the Invoice number and order-related info/details Our support team will initiate a reply within one business day.  You may call our toll-free in North America at 1.888.288.7297(PAWS)  and leave a detailed message with your full name, contact number, and email.

I live in the greater Vancouver area so may I pick up my order instead of paying for shipment?

Please click on these links for more details.  https://chewlovedogtreats.com/local-delivery-or-local-pick-up

I just completed my member registration but I can't place an order or even check out?

Once you completed the membership form, you must verify your registered email which will unlock all your perks and access. Only verified registered members may take advantage of our promo code and voucher discounts, Loyalty Reward Points Program, Chew Love Referral Program, and more perks.

What is the best way to store Chew Love dog treats?

Each of our handcrafted all-natural dog treats has no additives and no preservatives so we recommend storing it in the refrigerator or your freezer. When stored in the freezer, the dog treats may last up to 6months if stored and handled properly.  On that note please make sure you serve the dog treats at room temperature so take out your frozen dog treats for at least 15-20min.

What does it mean by best by or best before date?

Our Best By or Best Before Date is referred to only when the original package seal is still intact and if you choose to store it in the refrigerator or in a cool dark clean storage area. All of Chew Love's all-natural dog treats are packed with an FDA-approved oxygen absorber. We highly recommend you read our store disclaimer on each package label. 

What do you mean by human-grade ingredients?

We are not talking about processed or junk food that we humans eat, we are talking about healthy natural ingredients such as fresh raw vegetables and fruits and premium meats that we mainly source from local farmers and suppliers mainly in BC and some across Canada. You can see each product list exactly the ingredients that are handcrafted in each tasty and healthy dog treat, it's practically from farm to table.  Keep in mind that not all human-grade ingredients are good for dogs but you don't need to worry. We are grateful dog owners ourselves so we only use quality human-grade ingredients that are healthy and safe for your furry family members with moderation. Also if you know your dog has a food allergy please communicate with us and/or consult with your veterinarian first before ordering.

Do you offer free samples?

We do throw in some free samples when you register a free member account and complete your first order with our Welcome to Chew Love  30% OFF! The WELCOME30 promo code is only valid on your first order and it's not combinable with any other promotions. We recommend you make sure you complete your member's registration accurately especially if your dog has any level of allergy or food preferences so we may give you the right free samples with your first order. 

Do I have to register an account member in order to buy from your website?

No, you are not required to be a member but there are a lot of perks to being a registered member.  Being a registered member is FREE and has no obligations, plus you get all the perks listed below.

  • Get courtesy free samples and test kitchen samples
  • We get to know you and your furry family members better so we may serve you better
  • Be the first to stay updated with our products and what’s new
  • Get Reward Points
  • Awesome Referral Program
  • Be the first to save $ on discounts and  promotion
  • Eligible for our current sales and promotions with the approved promo code or voucher code

How do I get updated with products and what's new?

When you register a free member account you are automatically subscribed to our newsletter which comes out monthly or quarterly.  Our newsletter will keep you updated on special sales and informative articles about animals/charity/nutrition tips/behaviour training tips. You may also revisit our website/FB and/or IG to check up on what's new or any great sales! Once you receive our first newsletter you may unsubscribe and you may still enjoy all the perks as a registered member.

How do I use my Promo Code or Voucher Code?

It's pretty easy to use, there are simple instructions when you check out your cart. You must input the code in the appropriate field at checkout. For example, you need to input the promo code in the promo code field and then click Update Cart.  Only one type of code can be used per order so either a promo code or a voucher code.  Reward points can be combinable with either a promo or a voucher code. On available for a verified registered members account which is free.

What are the reward points? How do I earn reward points? 

It's our way of saying thank you for believing in us. You earn reward points automatically when your order $25 or more per order invoice or when you share the love and refer other qualified dog lovers to order from us. For more detail please click on the link: https://chewlovedogtreats.com/chew-love-reward-points-program

How do I use my reward points?

You will need to have a minimum balance of 5 reward points before you can use it. Once your balance is 5 or more when you check out you will have the option to choose how many reward points you want to use from your balance. 

How does your Share the Love Referral Program work?

We are very proud of our Share the Love Referral program where you get rewarded for referring another dog lover to order from our website. The best way for us to track who you referred to us is by using our unique referral link which is linked to your registered account.  When you log into your account, your unique referral link is in your dashboard where you can copy the link and email your referral link to all your friends, relatives, neighbors, and even co-workers! If they click on your referral link and make any order size, you 5 reward points.  For more details please click on the linkhttps://chewlovedogtreats.com/share-the-love-referral-program

Where can I leave my positive reviews?

We always welcome genuine reviews and constructive feedback. You can always put your reviews on our website for the product(s) you like simply by logging into your registered account. You may also put your reviews on either one or all of the links listed below:

https://ca.trustpilot.com/review/chewlovedogtreats.com  (Trustpilot)

https://g.page/chewlovedogtreats/review?gm   (Google My Business)

https://www.facebook.com/Chewlovedogtreats  (Facebook Page)

Please note, that we are always learning and we would appreciate it if you let us resolve any of your genuine concerns or issues before you post any negative reviews.

How much is shipping? How and where do I choose the shipping options? 

The shipping rate will depend on your shipping address and how much you order.  When you check out your cart, shipping options will be available when you complete your shipping address/postal code

Is there free shipping?

Most definitely! We offer free tracked Canada Post Expedited Parcel shipping for all orders (before taxes and after discount) $90 or more. This free shipping is for retail purchases only. Resellers and bulk buyers are subject to different shipping and handling fees.


What's your shipping policy?

 For more details please click on the link: https://chewlovedogtreats.com/shipping-policy

What's your refund and/or exchange policy?

 For more details please click on the link: https://chewlovedogtreats.com/refund-policy

What's your privacy policy?

 For more details please click on the link: https://chewlovedogtreats.com/privacy-policy







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