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Farm to Table … for Your Dog Too

Farm to Table Dog Treats Canada

Do you hit the local farmers' market every weekend in search of farm-to-table produce? Do you shop at natural food retailers for meats and/or seafood? While you pride yourself in feeding your household with non-GMO foods without additives, preservatives, and other unnatural whatchamacallits, you want to do the same for another member of your family - your precious pup. 

Earlier, we published an article regarding the importance of feeding your dog all-natural treats. Doing so is essential to their health, vitality, longevity, and overall quality of life. But with so many products to choose from in-store and online, how are you to ensure that you're choosing the right brand? There's certainly a difference between what is being hocked as "healthy" versus what's truly farm-to-table. The good news is that you're already where you need to be. Here's why Chew Love Dog Treats are the only ones you need to feed your furry best friend.


Why Canada Chooses Chew Love's Farm-to-Table Dog Treats for Their Beloved Companions


Chew Love Dog Treats are Additive and Preservative Free

There are chemical additives and preservatives that have proven to be harmful to dogs, yet are permitted in trace amounts in dog treats. For instance, the chemical preservatives known as BHA and BHT are banned in many countries, yet are approved for use in small quantities in dog food in Canada. We don't know about you, but we feel that even "a little bit of poison" is exceedingly unacceptable. Chemicals aside, there are seemingly harmless additives that can be equally dangerous. For example, white flour (often used as an additive in dog food) causes a spike and then a drop in your dog's blood sugar, which over time may lead to obesity and subsequently diabetes. Another equally baffling additive in off-the-shelf dog treats is artificial colour. What does your dog care about the colour of their food? They don't! Instead, this additive is used to make dog treats look more appealing to humans. 

The above are just examples of approximately two-dozen additives and preservatives being used in popular dog treats today and in Canada. From MSG and corn syrup to sodium nitrite and propylene glycol (an ingredient in antifreeze!) you run the risk of exposing your dog to toxins when shopping for anything but farm-to-table. The good news is that all Chew Love Dog Treats are free of additives and preservatives.


Chew Love Dog Treats are Hormone Free

Over the years there have been a number of dog food/treat recalls due to elevated levels of hormones. The naturally occurring beef and lamb thyroid hormone have been a major culprit. When present, it can negatively impact your dog’s metabolism, thirst, and urinary output and result in restlessness, weight loss, or worse. Don't run the risk of feeding your dog a brand of snack that may be recalled for inciting a hormonal imbalance. Instead, choose Chew Love Dog Treats, which are hormone-free.


Chew Love Dog Treats are Antibiotic Free

Most processed dog snacks are manufactured from animals that have been pumped full of antibiotics. As anyone who has been to the doctor to treat a bacterial infection knows, you must only consume antibiotics for a brief period of time. To take them beyond the prescribed date range (typically one to two weeks) would render your natural immune system useless against certain bacterial threats. The same is true for canines. If they continue to eat processed treats, their immune system will suffer. Chew Love's farm-to-table dog treats contain no antibiotics.


Chew Love Dog Treats are High in High-Quality Protein

Above we discussed quite a bit about what Chew Love Dog Treats don't contain (dangerous compounds), but now we want to shift focus to the most essential nutrient that they do include - protein.

Veterinarians assert that a significant amount of protein is the one thing that your dog cannot live (and thrive) without. Ironically, while the need is embedded in their DNA, dietary protein contains 10 distinct amino acids that your dog cannot make on his/her own. Of course, not all proteins are created equally. Chew Love Dog Treats integrate protein from the best farm resources in our single-ingredient products, including beef tendon, turkey, and chicken. And for those who really want to tap into the ancestral genetics of their dog, we have deer-based dog treats too. For a more well-rounded diet, Chew Love also includes plant-based proteins to complement meat (and seafood) ingredients. View our multi-ingredient treats to choose varieties that your dog will salivate over.


From the Best Farms

Have a look at the ingredients Chew Love uses to make our handcrafted treats. The long list of natural nutrients includes highly digestible and palatable (for your dog) fruits, vegetables, meats, and even seafood. All of these foods are sourced from the best farms in Canada, right here in BC

View more on single ingredient and multi-ingredient dog snacks available at Chew Love. If you have any questions about our products, shipping, or more, feel free to reach out anytime.


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