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Nutritional Benefits of Deer for Dogs

Feed them what Mother Nature intended

 Nutrition Benefits of Deer Dog

Chew Love Dog Treats products are renowned for leveraging the nutritional benefits of natural fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, turkey, and much more. But one single-ingredient product that catches the eye is deer. The standalone treat has gained in popularity over the last couple of years and dog companions want to know - why all the fuss about venison? Let’s find out.


5 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea to Introduce Venison Into a Canine Diet Through Chew Love’s Single-Ingredient Deer Nuggets

In Their DNA

No matter the selective breed or mix, all dogs (aka Canis familiaris) are direct descendants of the gray wolf. Wolves are carnivores, and since they very first appeared in Eurasia in the early Pleistocene period through to when they migrated to North America approximately 750,000 years ago, they have preferred to eat large hoofed mammals - namely deer.

Simply put, eating venison is in their DNA. This is why deer meat is the alternative for dogs who may have food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources such as beef or chicken, neither of which were consumed by their ancestors. Give your dog a treat that they were meant to eat.


High in Vitamin-B

 Nutrition Benefits of Deer Dog

Venison is naturally high in Vitamin-B. Dogs require Vitamin-B for the many same reasons that humans do, but even more so given the number of harmful microorganisms that they come across at the dog park and on the sidewalk for that matter.

But not only is it (namely B6) vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system, a balanced Vitamin-B complex is critical to the health of your dog’s nervous system and brain function, and is required for the formation and growth of blood cells. B-12, which has high traces in venison, is also important to intestinal health and ultimately digestion.

While every dog should have a Vitamin-B rich diet, those who seem more lethargic of late (a sign of a Vitamin-B deficiency) may really enjoy a boost of energy when you add deer treats to their diet.


Pumping Iron

Like humans, dogs can suffer from anemia. Anemic dogs have little stamina or energy, and tire easily when out for a walk or day at the park. When a vet diagnoses a dog as anemic they ask their human companions to increase their (the dog’s) iron intake to return them to optimal health. Venison is often a top choice to deliver this boost of iron when their current diet doesn’t do the job. Venison, is very high in iron, even when compared to traditional food sources of the essential mineral. For instance, there is 4.5 mg of iron in 100 grams of venison, compared to beef which weighs in at just 2.6 grams.

Of course, your dog doesn’t need to be anemic to reap the benefits of iron-rich deer meat, but the reference goes to show how “pumping iron” through venison will make them happy, healthy, strong, and energetic. 


Think Zinc 

Zinc may not get as much press as iron (above) or protein (below) for dogs, but the Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) are big on it, noting its place as a potent enhancer of protein metabolism due to its numerous roles in metabolic processes. The VCA also heralds its importance for the immune system and thyroid function alike. 


Packs Lean Protein Power

Last but most definitely not least is the biggest reason to add venison to your dog’s diet. Deer meat is replete with high quality bioavailable protein and the amino acids that vets insist you make prominent in your dog’s diet. There are many great sources of protein out there, namely beef, but those who are concerned about their dog’s body fat composition prefer deer meat as their prime ingredient. Why? Venison has 50% less fat than beef, making it a far healthier alternative for getting access to protein and aminos from red meat.

Not only do Chew Love’s deer-based dog treats provide for all of the nutritional benefits listed above, our product is single-ingredient with no additives or preservatives. Dogs know (it’s in their DNA!) when they’re being duped, especially when it comes to the one staple food of their ancestors. They are naturally drawn to our all-natural Deer Nuggets, and because they come in a bite-sized nugget they are perfect not just as a snack, but a convenient and effective reward for training. View more on Chew Love Deer Nuggets.

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