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Why Choose Chew Love Dog Treats

Why Choose Chew Love Dog Treats Canada

Have you been gone shopping for dog treats lately? Holy toledo, there are a lot of choices out there, which has made your hunt to find the healthiest alternative a real challenge. As a result you've done your online research and have seen Chew Love Dog Treats come up across the screen on more than a few occasions. You may have also heard the brand discussed amidst casual conversations at your local dog park. It's true, Chew Love has "pet parents" across Canada talking, many of whom have made the switch and noticed a positive difference in the health and vitality of their furry companions. What sets Chew Love dog treats apart from the multitude of other products being hocked at your local pet retailer? Let's find out what the fuss is all about, below.


Why Canada Turns to Chew Love When it Comes to Rewarding Their Dogs With Tasty Treats


Because You Eat it Too

No, we don't encourage dipping your own paws into your dog's bag of Chew Love while watching Beethoven 2 together on NetFlix. What we're trying to say here, is that every ingredient that goes into our single ingredient and multi-ingredient treats is something that you include in your own household's diet. Our dog treats nutrients list reads more like a menu at your local farm-to-table eatery. We're talking sustainably raised beef, bison, chicken, deer, duck, lamb, rabbit, turkey, and even sockeye salmon. In addition our multi ingredient goodies include fresh locally sourced apples, blueberries, carrots, sweet potato and other nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.


Better yet, none of it has added additives, preservatives, chemicals, and other whatchamacallits. Now that we think of it, can you say the same about the packaged goods that are in your pantry? It may be time to make a healthy change for the better to catch up with your family pup.  


The Nutrients Your Dog Needs

In providing your dog with top quality, fresh, and sustainably sourced organic ingredients, Chew Love ensures that your canine gets all of the nutrients that his/her veterinarian recommends. Whether searching for a multi ingredient product to help them attain a well-balanced diet, or you need to make up for a deficiency in B Vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins and amino acids, or other dietary compounds, Chew Love has what it takes. View more on the nutrients provided in our products.


Variety is the Spice of Your Dog's Love

Many farm-to-table dog treats on the local market have very limited variety. This has proven problematic for those who count a finicky or fickle Fido in the household. Chew Love on the other hand, offers a large variety of both single and multi ingredient dog treats to ensure that there is something for dogs with picky palates or dietary restrictions (allergies) have something to delicious to chew. Our retail and online store has over two-dozen distinctive dog treats!


You Pride Yourself in Supporting Local

You take great pride in your choice to shop at community farmers and artisan markets. You try to buy local as much as possible, no matter how challenging that can be when it comes to some household wants and necessities. Well, you'll be pleased to know that when you buy Chew Love dog treats, you support a local Canadian business with roots in British Columbia, where our dog treats are manufactured and handcrafted. We appreciate your allegiance and dedication to providing your precious family member with the healthiest treats possible!


Are you located in the Greater Vancouver area? Chew Love has a retail space in Port Moody that you and your dog can come visit. We also offer curbside pickup and FREE local delivery along with competitive rates for shipping across Canada. If you have any additional questions about our all-natural dog treats, feel free to contact us anytime.


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