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Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath Canada

You have tried a dental chew to alleviate your dog's bad breath. You may even give them a manual scrub from time to time. But if you find that his/her otherwise adorable kisses remain unbearable, the problem may be nutrition. A few changes in your dog's diet may be all that is required so that you don't have to hold your nose the next time your pup wants to give you a sloppy wet one. Below are recommended dog treats that can help make that happen.


5 All-Natural Dog Treats that Can Help Freshen Your Dog's Bad Breath


Chew Love's Chicken & Veggie Nuggets

Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath Canada - Chicken veggie nuggets

The key halitosis fighting ingredient in this dog treat is carrots. While raw carrots have long been used as a natural "scrubber" against breath breath causing build-up in a canine's oral cavity, this isn't the reason we're suggesting it here. You see, carrots are high in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has a direct impact on the strength and overall health of your dog's teeth. Carrots also contain Vitamin-A which increases your pup's immune function to fight off tartar and plaque. This vegetable also possesses high levels of biotin, which assists in synthesizing fat and protein metabolism, which can provide your dog with stronger gums. Carrots also contain Vitamin K1, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium, which collectively support gum and teeth health and provide defense against a number of dental related issues in dogs. Add Chew Love's all-natural Chicken & Veggie Nuggets to your dog's dental health plan.


Chew Love's Chicken & Apple Bits

chicken apple mini bits - dog treats for bad breath

The important ingredient in this dog treat is right there in the name - apples. In addition to oral health supporting vitamins, did you know that apples contain small quantities of fluoride? As you know, fluoride is an essential ingredient in standard toothpaste as a defender against dental complications and subsequent bad breath. Buy Chew Love's all-natural Chicken & Apple Bits to help kick bad breath to the curb.


Chew Love's Turkey & Beef Tendon Stix

Turkey & Beef Tendon Stix

Any dentist (for humans or doggies) will tell you that crunchy foods are good for fighting bad breath. For one, the "crunch" helps remove tarter, plaque, and debris buildup in the oral cavity. In addition , crunching increases saliva production. Saliva is a natural deterrent to bad breath because it washes away bacteria. While it may not seem like it on the surface, your dog may be suffering from "dry mouth" which could be the root of the bad smell coming from their tongue. Chew Love's Turkey & Beef Tendon Stix are a tasty and crunchy treat that will get their juices flowing. Add to cart here.


Chew Love's Lamb Stix Mix

lamb mix stix

In addition to leveraging beta-carotene and other essential vitamins found in carrots (addressed above), another important ingredient in this particular dog treat is blueberry. Blueberries are high in antioxidants which are needed for immune support and oral health. DentalHealth.org also reports that scientists have found that nutrients in blueberries can be highly effective in protecting the teeth against a strand of bacteria responsible for accelerating tooth decay and subsequent bad breath. Give your dog the breath freshening benefits of blueberries by buying Chew Love's Lamb Stix Mix today.


Chew Love's Deer Mix Stix

Deer Mix Stix

Is there anything that turmeric can't do? This key ingredient in Deer Mix Stix continues to be lauded around the world as a superfood (or super-spice) for fighting a wide number of ailments. It is even recommended as an important ingredient to look for when choosing the best dog treats for anxiety (Kirk, link to previous article). Turmeric's oral health power is due to its active component, curcumin. Studies have found that the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can stave off the growth or oral cavity infections and the bad breath to come with them. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice has also found that turmeric can prevent plaque formation and gingivitis, both of which include bad breath as a symptom. Research also finds that curcumin boasts oral cancer fighting properties, which takes your dog's dental health to a whole other level. Add Deer Mix Stix to your furry companion's shopping cart. 

Put and end to your dog's bad breath (and other oral complications) by providing them with the all-natural nutrients they need. Buy online and pickup in store or get delivery (Greater Vancouver) or have their treats shipped anywhere across Canada.


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