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Lamb Hearts Jerky

 Ingredient:  Trimmed & Lean Lamb Heart. Dehydrated. Net Wt. 60g (2.11oz) Per Single Pkg.

100% All-natural ingredients
Locally sourced ingredients
No additives/preservatives

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ALERT!:  Please note our goal is to be environmentally friendly as much as possible, You may note we are in our final stage of testing out some different recyclable and even compostable packaging. You will see some packaging variations and our goal is to decide on environmentally friendly packaging that will maintain our expectation of freshness and a shelf life average of 2-3 months. With a clear conscious we DO NOT use any preservatives, not even "vegetable glycerin" that other brands considered all-natural preservatives!

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$14.95 per unit

Chew Love Lamb Heart Jerky Dog Treats. Dehydrated. Single Ingredient. Net Wt. 60g (2.11oz) per Single Pkg.

Introducing our Lamb Hearts Jerky - a delicious, high-protein treat your canine companion is sure to love. Crafted from 100% natural lamb hearts, this jerky is so yummy!  We've taken the time to trim the lamb hearts to make them as lean as possible, then we dehydrate these treats to preserve their natural nutrients, making them a fantastic and tasty addition to your dog's diet. Free from artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers, our Lamb Hearts Jerky is a 100% single-ingredient treat perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Health Benefits:

  1. Rich in Protein: Lamb hearts are incredibly high in protein, supporting lean muscle mass and providing the energy your furry friend needs for their daily antics.

  2. Essential Nutrients: These treats are naturally packed with a variety of nutrients including B vitamins such as B12 and folate, as well as minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium.

  3. Heart Health: Taurine, an amino acid abundant in lamb hearts, is essential for your dog's cardiovascular health and function.

  4. Boosts Immune System: The iron and zinc found in lamb hearts contribute to a stronger immune system and optimal metabolic function.

  5. Good for Digestion: Our jerky is grain-free and easy to digest, making it an ideal snack for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  6. Dental Health: The chewy texture of the jerky can help to naturally clean your dog's teeth, promoting oral health and fresher breath.

Give your pup the treat they deserve, with the nutrition they need. Our Lamb Hearts Jerky is a snack you can feel good about giving, and your dog will love eating.

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